Prague has become a strong trademark. Frequently ranking as the most scenic city in the world and one of Europe's Top 5 destinations, it enjoys a great popularity. The reasons are manifold, but the secret is the synthesis of lovely landscape (were it not a city, it could have been a national park), hundreds of premium historical sights from all epochs (the oldest over 1100 years) located in the large but compact central historical areas, exciting cultural life and thousands of pubs, bars and restaurants.

You will be dazzled by the great concentration of historical spires and towers, the pleasantly winding course of the Vltava River with banks spanned by a dozen of beautiful bridges (honourably mentioning gothic Charles Bridge) and mysterious streets where every house has its legend and every street is said to be inhabited by fairy-tale ghosts and creatures. It is impossible not to admire the majestic castle overlooking the historical centre or fall in love with the cosmopolitan, laid-back and slightly sentimental atmosphere.

Tourists come in droves for a plenty of reasons: to dip in history and explore the landmarks of Czech and European culture, to have a pleasant leisurely stay, to visit the numerous galleries and trendy clubs, to quench thirst with great cheap beer .

Most probably you will first spend several days going with the crowds and counting the important places and then delight in discovering it on your own. If you have more time, make it a starting point for further travelling across the Czech Republic. The beautiful country is a great option for those who prefer to see a lot of interesting places without the necessity of long journeys and a must to visit while on Central and Eastern Europe trips. is here to provide information on places to see in Prague and the entire Czech Republic. It will give tips about the biggest attractions and advice also those who seek something special.